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Hi! My name is Harisankaran Parameswaran. Welcome to my website.

I am a Business Analyst with 8+ years of experience, currently working for Scope International Private Limited (a wholly owned subsidiary of Standard Chartered Bank, UK). Though I am no longer available as a freelancer or for employment, feel free to contact me for any help regarding:

  • Web designing and development
  • Requirement analysis and preparation of Functional Specifications

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site update May 11, 2014

The site got a new make over and one more item was added to the freebies list.

Minor modifications were made to the Color scheme. A new time-line based approach was added to the Experience section.

Guest book entries were lost due to server issues :(

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my creations @ cssdeck codecasts May 06, 2014

The loader animations created using CSS3 makes it to the CSSDeck Codecasts. Click on the links below to see my other featured creations. (Don't forget to heart 'em.)

  1. CSS3 StanChart Logo - The StanChart logo created with only CSS3.
  2. CSS Only Loader Image - The content "loading" image created with only CSS.
  3. One Div Text Smileys - Smiley images created with only one Div and CSS.

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personal update November 27, 2013

After a break from work of about 6 months, I have decided to re-join Scope International Private Limited as a Lead - Business Analyst.

Previously, I had worked for Scope International between July '05 and March '12 and it feels good to be back :)

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site update November 16, 2013

The site has been revamped with new design, layout and features. Below are some of the key items:

  1. LESS was used (@server-side) to create the CSS. No other external libraries used.
  2. Compatible with all major modern browsers. IE7 compatibility is minimal (untested).
  3. Images/Icons still not used barring the ones in the Greetings and Announcements sections.

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first gold @ stackoverflow August 22, 2013

Received my first Gold Badge (Unsung Hero) on StackOverflow taking my badge count to 1 Gold, 2 Silver and 13 Bronze.

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